research and time
for innovation

One of the prerogatives of Graficonsul Group is to dedicate part of its resources to innovation, in order to increase the company know-how and our skills, but above all to be able to provide customers with cutting-edge products and services.

The challenge is to be able to open the world of traditional cardboard area to new unexplored techniques and materials from other production sectors.

Among the projects and objectives we have set ourselves, there is that of implementing, integrating and therefore elevating traditional cardboard item to create multi-material POP materials.

The challenge lies precisely in being able to open the world of cardboard - with its classic materials and manufacturing – to new unexplored techniques and materials from other production sectors not yet used in POP field, that can give an effect of value, naturalness and durability to items, according to a concept of luxury «POP prêt-à-porter », linked to a logic of eco-sustainability.

MAIND, the internal division of Graficonsul Group dedicated to the study and design of items with a complex, sophisticated and innovative design, is indeed front line engaged in R&D area.

UniLamix is part of this research project and is aimed in particular at evaluating the feasibility and technical performance of POP materials made of cardboard combining them with mixed materials and special finishing effects.

In fact, we have experimented matching laminate and cardboard, studying in particular the printing processes performance on metal and the relief printing.

Exploring the functionality and workability of multi-material items of this type allows us to offer our customers innovative solutions with a higher aesthetic level compared to the traditional product made of cardboard.