We are the company that creates,
designs and realizes
the physical encounter between the brand
and the final consumer.

Your brand,
our POP.

Since 1992

Graficonsul Group has specialized in design, development and production of POP materials.

Thirty years of experience has allowed us to increase our know-how in our sector and to diversify our field of action.

vision and mission.


Inspire, surprise, innovate.
We understand and answer to the needs of the brands that rely on us, always keeping in mind the effect that our work has on people and the environment.


To be a reference for our customers and provide them with a solution that is always the best way to achieve their objectives in accordance with brand equity and cost efficiency

Our commitment
for the development

Sustainability, Innovation, Research, are the strategic corporate assets with which we face the present and build our future.


Towards B-Corp certification

We invest in research, development and in the implementation of systems and raw materials for the  sustainability and recyclability of point-of-sale materials and not only. We are part of ecoVprint: the first consortium for a sustainable supply chain of Printing and POP, with the aim of becoming a B-Corp.


R&D Division

Our R&D division is dedicated on the continuing exploration of new solutions and technologies for in-store communication. The goal is to offer our customers the most advanced projects and products, not only on request, but also anticipating their needs.


Partnership with Universities

We cooperate with important university centers for the development of technologically advanced projects dedicated to Retail: automation, 4.0 exhibitors, studies aimed at improving the consumer shopping experience, always with particular attention to sustainable development.

Symbol of talent and sharing our logo represents our approach to work

Two minds that define a new balance in their meeting. A new steady but dynamic form that looks to the future by treasuring the experience.

We call it harmonious dualism, it is the meeting between the two souls of our company creative but technical, rational but bold in purpose, elegant but exuberant, linked to the tradition but always strongly projected towards experimentation and innovation.

Thanks to the balance in which all these aspects meet each other, we can ensure a great design expertise.​