With the POP Smart project Graficonsul wants to invest, on the one hand, in the AUTOMATION of the workflow through the digitization of its company procedures, on the other hand, in the use of the AUGMENTED REALITY for the design and development of communication materials for point of sales.



POP Smart
is a Graficonsul Group
digital innovation project.

The automation of the workflow through the digitization of company procedures and the use of Augmented Reality in the design of the POP, are the main development assets of the POP Smart project with which Graficonsul aims to make its internal work process and in particular the "Projects Development" more efficient, to operate within an increasingly fast, competitive and tecnological market such as that materials for point of sales.



Workflow, AR, Digitization, Cloud, CRM.

The project consists of 3 main strategic activities:

1. Creation of a web infrastrucuture for augmented reality services that allows to see products in a 3D form through a mobile App.
2. Platform for the CLOUD transition of the company's servers, with data backup.
3. Integration of CRM for a better cutomer managment and the review of the company's on-line presence.