Workflow and

The Ecovprint project is an operation / project co-financed by the POR FESR Toscana 2014-2020.

AXIS 1 - ACTION 1.1.2

The project saw the creation of a completely digital workflow system, functional to the improvement of business processes, necessary to reduce management costs, the implementation times of the actions and inefficiencies.

The BPM - Business Process Management - methodologies allow you to better understand business processes by highlighting how automation improves business efficiency.

Specifically, the adoption of a BPM - Business Process Management - methodology specific to the software adopted, has allowed all stakeholders to better understand the end-to-end business processes, highlighting how automation can be used to constantly control and modify the '' corporate efficiency in the face of the initiatives adopted.

Combining business, corporate efficiency and sustainability is now an essential aspect of doing business.

The project has in fact also developed a system of “sustainable” design and production , both from a social and environmental point of view; a real business system aimed at developing competitive advantages on the market and at the same time eco-sustainable business processes.