We work
to be

We work concretely for the sustainability of POP by working in parallel in two important directions:


01 / Product Sustainability:

  • We have FSC certification
  • We have Aticelca A certification


02 / Sustainability of the Supply Chain:

  • We are part of ecoVprint: the first consortium for a sustainable supply chain of Printing and POP, with the aim of becoming a B-Corp.


ecoVprint is a coordinated system of companies that have started their journey towards sustainable development in a concrete way.

Sustainability is the most important issue of our time and the most globally advanced companies are already investing in a path of sustainable qualitative growth.

It is time to work for sustainability in an organized and systemic way and it is for this purpose that ecoVprint was born.

In fact, the consortium companies are committed to working with methods and actions to generate profit and added value for the customer, the environment and the socio-economic fabric in which they are inserted.

The consortium is aimed at two types of interlocutors, with a dual mission.

EcoVprint to the consortium companies provides the necessary support for a progressive path to sustainability.

Joining forces means not only supporting each other, but also constantly confronting and motivating each other.

To customers the consortium offers a supply chain made up of companies that have embraced the B Corp philosophy. A reference point in the sustainable market, which offers partners committed to always maintaining the highest standards of reliability and production quality.

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