We are now
B Corp™!

Our commitment to sustainability is at its highest.
After two years of hard work, we very proudly became a certified B Corp, this implied our charter change, revising our company name into Benefit Corporation in 2022 and the publishing of our impact report. 
Since 21st August 2023 our company is officially a certified B Corporation.

Graficonsul is now a certified B Corp committed to positively doing business!

We are therefore part of the B Global Network, a global movement of
B Corps which respect the highest standards of social and environmental impact, responsibility, and transparency.
B Lab tm is a non-profit organization which aims at changing the global economic system in favour of all the people, the community and the planet.
Its international network promotes an inclusive, equitable and regenerative economic environment.
B Lab was founded in 2006, it was thought that a different economy was not only possible but all the more necessary and that companies could trace the route to a new model centred around the stakeholders.
Indeed, B stands for benefit for all.

We also want to do our part for an inclusive, equitable and regenerative economic environment.

Being a B Corp does not mean being the best: it is about working steadily to be the best. 
This is the reason why B Lab keeps raising the standards and B Corps need to update their certificates every three years to keep pace with the newest developments and to progress. 
B Corp certification means not only an important achievement but also a starting point. 
It is the beginning of a journey towards a steady improvement in creating value for all the stakeholders: people, clients, community and environment.