Visibility, impulse buying and trust towards the brand.

The lever of pop material in generating impulse purchase and turning it into buying habit.

Among many advantages directly linked to the use of POP Materials, one of the most important is certainly the visibility of the product in relation to the area where the display is located in the point of sale. This is particularly true in the case of impulse purchases.

Exposing a product on a custom item distinguishes it from others, making it immediately recognizable: an aspect that on one hand affects the reputation and fame of the brand and on the other hand also encourages the possibilities of a purchase not previously planned.

Having a strategic item increases in addition to visibility also the way and opportunities to communicate Special Offers and news and allows to better inform consumers about the specific characteristics and qualities of the product on display.

The advantages on the commercial level are obvious: greater visibility and more effective communication can proportionally increase trust in the brand, also turning impulse buying into a buying habit.

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