The link between the company and the territory for the Common Good.

Generate added value for the environment and the surrounding socio-economic fabric.

Graficonsul Group is strongly linked to the territory in which it was born and grew 30 years ago. We have a strong sense of belonging for the Valtiberina; we consider it a source of additional wealth for the company itself and we want to work to pursue the common good of the Valley and the resources that reside there.

It is an important territory not only for the environmental aspects, naturalistic and for the beautiful landscapes that characterize it, but in particular for the energy derived from a series of economic and industrial incentive that come from the community.

It is no coincidence that ecovprint was born here, the first consortium of companies united by the goal of creating the first sustainable supply chain of printing and POP and aiming to achieve B-Corp certification.

This would never have been possible without a constant mutual motivation generated by realities united by the territory and by a strong communion of intentions, which has among its priorities those of generating added value also for the environment and the surrounding socio-economic fabric.

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Photo Credits: Franco Vannini

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