It will be a challenge!

A systemic vision between sustainability and business for B2B SMEs: the ecoVprint consortium case.

On October 7th we participated in the festival of Sustainable Development 2020 promoted by ASVIS with “It will be a challenge!” an event organized by Project Valtiberina and ecoVprint, the first consortium of companies to embrace the B-Corp philosophy with the objective of building the first supply chain of Printing and Sustainable POP; The consortium of which Graficonsul Group is a constituent and lead promoter.

It was a valuable opportunity to talk about the origins of the consortium, how the idea was born , its establishment in February 2020 and to talk about the guiding principles, the activities carried out, the ongoing activities and the objectives of the near future.

For Graficonsul the theme of sustainability is central and essential, as well as a concrete factor on which to base its business results. In fact, we are committed to constantly improving ourselves both in terms of corporate sustainability, as well as in terms of services and products offered, made with eco-sustainable and recyclable materials. Our goal is to obtain B-Corp certification.

In the following video you can review the event in streaming and we take the opportunity to thank the festival of Sustainable Development and its organizers for the hospitality.

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